Friday, 18 March 2016

Return of the Boom Mic Afro

Return of the Boom Mic Afro

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Dear Queens,
                      Yes I called you a Queen,  to you reading this right now, This is for the women out there who feel they have to fit in, This is to those who say their processed, permed, relaxing hair is a choice. This is to those who are fighting the struggle to wear out their natural hair in fear of being judged. This is to those who do not like their afros. This is the letter of acceptance. Welcome. 

For 21 years I have never seen my mothers natural hair, How saddening and even more so maddening this is. Now the reason is usually "I just do not like my hair Shaun".  This is sad is it not? Born with such beautiful afro hair and yet my own mother hates it. Now hate is a learn behaviour fed to us on a silver platter but dressed up in the healthy gift wrapped concept of multiculturalism. The plugging of our minds into senseless materialism, that shows us everyday the norm is not our own hair and skin. Beauty truly changes hands in the economic climate. We are trying to fit in yet we are diluted. The system is like squash, we are terribly diluted.

They feed up till we are full of ideals that have aided us in our destruction and downfall, but accept me for who I am! How can I accept you straightening you hair ? That disrespect to your body, our hair types are not designed to be this way.
Think about it this way can a white person have afro hair? With any sort of treatment or procedure? No they can not

But you think its normal to break the bonds in your hair, in the pursuit of what? You think it looks nicer to straighten your hair? Afros are beautiful and for once they need to be celebrated. Not just on weekends. Not just special occasions.

Every day is a special occasion. 


Team Natural

 The European standard of beauty does truly have people thinking that their beauty is not to be accepted. If anything it is to be shunned. Shun the chemicals. Shun the chemicals put into ones hair.

Use natural products

Some oils for example: Coconut oil     Almond Oil    Tea Tree Oil
                                      Moringa Oil    Argan Oil       Jojoba Oil
                                      Olive Oil         Castor Oil       Rosemary Oil        

It is truly a statement to be a woman of colour irrespective of your shade. Shout outs to all of you!
Our hair is beautiful , special and a true blessing. Its time we stopped hiding it, yes I understand some will say they use braids to protect it which is a means to a greater end. Protective hairstyles!

An interesting read and understand its all for the love and benefit of others.

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