Friday, 24 May 2013

Shaun's Logic and Quotes

War beginning and never seeming to stop. Murders escalating like its a game. Religions blamed for all the mistakes of man. Scapegoats.

We choose our own actions regardless. We are not robots nor puppets on a string. We choose what to do and what to say.

Stop blaming religion for wars, blame the individuals who pick up the gun to shoot. Cut the head to prove a message. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Y.O.L.O You Only Live Once

Y.O.L.O= You Only Live Once Yes Y.O.L.O and we about it every day. Slang from the music industry.  Canadian rapper Drake invented this statement. But it seems it has changed the perception of many individuals How many of the 3 rd generation use it as an excuse? To abuse themselves or endanger others because living once means you take  life for granted, no matter the consequences or the long term effects? Really is this what life has come to?
Women. So Y.O.LO gives you the choice to be a whore sleeping with everyone around you? A wise man once told me if a girl can get on her two knees for you why should you get on one knee for her? So true, do you young girls expect to get married when you sleep with more men that a prostitute. You are low class prostitutes who get no financial reward for what you do. You’re not popular your vagina is.
There are good guys out there who actually will treat you right and stay by your side. Have a little more respect for yourself as how would you feel if your daughters acted like you? Shameful much to the upcoming 4th generation who are copying us. The future looks rather bleak than bright. I feel sorry for the walk in clinics that get the masses of women loaded with STI’s and STD’S. I am sure your mum brought you up with standards. You shouldn’t be a street rat that spreads her knees with no thought. Don’t allow a man to mess up your mind. Respect yourself because you’re better than that
Men. So that gives you the reason to go around being promiscuous with girls, having babies and running? Lies you are just afraid of having someone else to look after rather yourself? Man Up its times to face up the facts that you do wrong. Swallow your bitter pride a little and face adversity in the eye stare it down tills your eyes hurt. Like it’s acceptable to go around having sex with girls worming your way into their hearts and leave. It’s not. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.
Remember what you do to a girl effects her for the rest of her life. Don’t ruin it for the good guys out there who genuinely want to love a girl who she is. And guess what you can also be those good guys! Love rather than lust is always better. How would you honestly feel if someone did that to your female sibling? You would want to teach them a lesson physically that they would never forget right? So why do it to other peoples siblings like it’s acceptable. Then you are so easy to want to hurt another man for doing that to you female relative. Bit hypocrital much! Put your brain into action before your penis become erect.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A moment of craziness

Iago has lost the will to live as the plot is similar to Othello. Then my enemy is the one person that life is not expected to gift to me. If you are confused by these riddles you may get lost in translation as I look into this computer with eyes that see destiny as a transparent glass of water. Passion however is just as transitory as turning left and right. you look at the world from 2 eyes without a bird’s eyes view, but a portrait view of yourself.
Now you have to be like a professor in the linguistics of life as life is how you interpret it. This came from the brain that can’t be measured on an IQ scale, but the measure of the battles you take and absorb the hits like a sponge. The world is one place, one sphere shape, not a flat surface. We can’t walk all over the surface of life. Death is like a bubble that gets popped in the afterlife.

The only thing I have discovered in 18 years of my life is, when your born until the age when your body stops growing. When that stage happens your waiting to die which is just plain unfortunate. I suppose being pessimistic doesn’t help anything , but maybe facts are born in the mind, nurtured in society and believed by the gullible. Or you can look at it from another aspect that we live and should learn like we would live for ever .

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Selling Stalls in School

I have studied at my college for 7 years now and I am in my last year of sixth form. Right now many kids are suffering from the after effects of the recession and lifestyles are becoming more expensive with the poorer kids suffering the worst. During the years I have witnessed students who are in financial difficulty unable to get free school meals because the school is unable to provide some students with free school meals. I have witnessed children selling their free school meals in order to make a profit so they are able to eat more unhealthy food after school. Isn’t this a cause for concern?
My idea is to have a selling stall in school. A stall inside a school is a shelter away from bullies. With a stall the children can be being protected and supervised by teachers who can keep them safe. Kids see money especially as a sign of wealth, which kids are very insecure about as you know kids are bullied on how much money they have in their pocket or the clothes they wear.  Children of the age 13-14 would be given the necessary funds to go and buy stock to sell in school. This would create a business incentive and a give the students something positive to look forward to. They could receive a cut of the profit made which can help their families with financially and with the cost of essentials such as food and books for their education.
I acknowledge the fact that many teachers are against selling as many arguments and fights could be caused by selling. A stall will prevent arguments where the students can get food cheaper and they have no reason to complain when food is being sold at a cheaper price. But I witnessed myself that there have been many disagreements between students who have bought something of another student in school where they are left feeling robbed. Selling in school has resorted to the underground as most students have to hide away from teachers as their stock would get confiscated. The reasons for this are because school prices are milking the money out the kids as well as the parent’s pockets.
I have asked a couple of students about the prices of the canteen food at school. A meal at lunchtime is £2.40 for the main course alone. This price too many kids are expensive when they could go out and buy 3 wings and chips for £1.00 which is another favourite as Tooting is an area surrounded by fast food outlets. Another favourite for kids outside of school is colloquially known as “The patty shop” where you can buy a patty for £1.25 optional with cocoa bread which in all is £2.20. Why would a child buy food in school when in their eyes they can get this which tastes better and fills them up more?
Furthermore the selling stalls will require supervision by adults which is critical as kids make mistakes and can go astray. An adult can look over the stall with the kids accompanying them whilst making sales. The kids should be trusted to buy stock for the stall to sell which gives the kid a sense of responsibility making them feel needed and wanted which I know many kids don’t feel. The stall can help to keep kids out of trouble as many kids have no motive or direction seeking out trouble. But the stalls can be a turnaround for many troublesome students who feel they can finally show some of the talent they have which in turn will be a positive domino effect. It can create aspirations for the children who don’t have a clue about what they want to do in the future.
For example Kitat’s from Sainsbury’s in a multi pack with 5 chunky bars are £2 .00. Where as a kid who can sell this for 50p each would be able to buy it from the school rather than going to one of the corner shops and buying the same Kitat chunky for 59p. 9p may not sound like a lot, but to kids it’s a significant difference. Soft drinks such as the following: Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite and Coke are ranging around 59p to 65p which is a lot of money. If a kid was to buy stock from Asda they could get a 6 pack of each drink for £3.50 which could be sold at 50p each. If a kid was to buy these drinks individually they would pay £3.90 if each drink cost 65p. We know kids buy in variety so this statistic would vary on the kid’s tastes.
In conclusion I know the concept of selling stalls in school may come under some serious scrutiny, but however I have a great belief that this idea has great potential and it will profit the school and the students in a great way. I believe the introduction of selling stalls will help generate a cohesive school community where kids can satisfy their own needs as well as the other students.