Friday, 18 March 2016

Return of the Boom Mic Afro

Return of the Boom Mic Afro

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Dear Queens,
                      Yes I called you a Queen,  to you reading this right now, This is for the women out there who feel they have to fit in, This is to those who say their processed, permed, relaxing hair is a choice. This is to those who are fighting the struggle to wear out their natural hair in fear of being judged. This is to those who do not like their afros. This is the letter of acceptance. Welcome. 

For 21 years I have never seen my mothers natural hair, How saddening and even more so maddening this is. Now the reason is usually "I just do not like my hair Shaun".  This is sad is it not? Born with such beautiful afro hair and yet my own mother hates it. Now hate is a learn behaviour fed to us on a silver platter but dressed up in the healthy gift wrapped concept of multiculturalism. The plugging of our minds into senseless materialism, that shows us everyday the norm is not our own hair and skin. Beauty truly changes hands in the economic climate. We are trying to fit in yet we are diluted. The system is like squash, we are terribly diluted.

They feed up till we are full of ideals that have aided us in our destruction and downfall, but accept me for who I am! How can I accept you straightening you hair ? That disrespect to your body, our hair types are not designed to be this way.
Think about it this way can a white person have afro hair? With any sort of treatment or procedure? No they can not

But you think its normal to break the bonds in your hair, in the pursuit of what? You think it looks nicer to straighten your hair? Afros are beautiful and for once they need to be celebrated. Not just on weekends. Not just special occasions.

Every day is a special occasion. 


Team Natural

 The European standard of beauty does truly have people thinking that their beauty is not to be accepted. If anything it is to be shunned. Shun the chemicals. Shun the chemicals put into ones hair.

Use natural products

Some oils for example: Coconut oil     Almond Oil    Tea Tree Oil
                                      Moringa Oil    Argan Oil       Jojoba Oil
                                      Olive Oil         Castor Oil       Rosemary Oil        

It is truly a statement to be a woman of colour irrespective of your shade. Shout outs to all of you!
Our hair is beautiful , special and a true blessing. Its time we stopped hiding it, yes I understand some will say they use braids to protect it which is a means to a greater end. Protective hairstyles!

An interesting read and understand its all for the love and benefit of others.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Who am I meant to be......

I wonder if who I am now is who I am going to be , I wonder if who i am going to be is who I plan to be. I wonder if who I plan to be is who I want to be. I wonder if who I want to be is a reflection of society? Questions they run through my head like a sorcerer, wizard and Mage asking me these ill minded questions. I feel wrong for questioning like its the pressure and its tearing the lining of my brain, damaged tissue

Questions ohh how they begin the deepest recesses of the mind extended in the real world and how do they take their toll. Trolls trolls of the real world how they take their toll and they fall of the tongue like tissue roll will clean up the mess society left behind , which is me. Is this me? Or is this who I am meant to be? I am confused , so are you, so is me, ohh woe is me.

All 6 ft 3 of me, get a tissue goodness he's crying, but a man is not supposed to cry, crying is like death to a mans pride and he will curl up in a ball and die before any woman sees him so weak. The pressure can get too much much and then he will burst like a can of well shaken soda and just pop!!! 

Society society is this who I want to be , do I want to be the man questioning myself every night, instead of being wrapped tight in a non existent gods salvation who will somehow bring me to the light , but with all my might I fight . Why do I fight ? Am I afraid or not willing because it's slipping the beans and I am not ready ? Ready to pour my all into this being they say created me? Created by mother and father, but he took my father. Yes he took him, all to soon and best believe they haven't closed, the deepest wounds.

Society society is who I am going to be the person I will remain?? I scrambled through the courtyard and saw my old self, battered torn and bruised why how he truly looked a mess , I wish I was a little better dressed . Dressed for who ? You and me , him and I , I am him, I am tired of this I don't even drink but lets take a shot of this and pull trigger, like the drinker taking his last shot of gin.

Appearances are deceiving I could wear a suit for every day of every season and then you would think I am okay, but truthfully I am not. I am still perfecting myself like a piece of beautiful clay found in the rubble but lord knows this piece of clay is only the beginning. But you see that's the trouble !
Society society society society tell me who I am going to be, tell me who I am and who I used to be. I want to know without all the man made products is this who I was born to be ......

Friday, 4 March 2016

Dead Animals= Protein BUFFET!!!!

Dead Animals= Protein BUFFET!!!!

Obviously people think we only get protein from dead animals! Psyche our stomach is not a refrigerator, our stomachs take two to three weeks to digest meat ! Wake up people.

Theres no way to get protein as a vegan!!
Like how is it possible? 
Is there not thousands of food in the world offering countless nutrients. vitamins. minerals. Benefits, but yet our mind is so transparent to overlook this in the attempt to reinforce the cultural conditioning we are victim to by these companies who look at you like cattle. 

We are animals to, so does that means we are a delicious source of protein?!!!
The question I get far too often is that "where do i get my protein?" Are we all that culturally conditioned to think meat is our only source of protein? Awww ignorance for many is truly a blissful experience, but no I will show you there are countless places and sources of protein. Actually believe it or not that vegans get more protein that meat eaters and to rub salt into a meat eaters wounds we get the right proteins!!!
Furthermore do you see how many places there are to get proteins? It may blow your mind, but really and truly there is a world beyond the meat eating world your eyes have blinders on.

"But Shaun I can not imagine a life without meat", you can not imagine a life with a little more compassion and mercy?
I remember I saw this piece of art work (down below)  and honestly its the harsh truth, as little chicks are grounded up alive, so we can dip them into ketchup which to me is nothing more than a metaphor for blood in this essence. Gosh Mc Donald's must feel guilty, no they really do not. Whilst you kill yourself they live with your money!

Take a look at that link Chicken nuggets for all

! And do not forget eggs

Now the world of protein may have become a bigger one for you today, just remember just because we eat meat does not make it normal. Take your mind for  a minute and think do these animals have feelings? Is it because we regard them as lessen beings without a soul?

Look into the eyes of an animal and understand they are not our one way ticket to protein, neither are they our common ground that we start speed dating with.

2 minutes lets go! " Do you eat meat?"

NO! , " No way where do you get your protein from?", " Obviously there is no other form of protein in this world!"

Beans are life! Dark leafy green vegetables are life, eat foods to give you life, not dead foods which are killed and the key word is " killed" let me deconstruct that word for you. Death is never humane, death is never acceptable neither is it justified at least not to get our daily protein levels up! Killing is wrong and it needs to stop.

Think if I killed your dog or cat for protein it would be such a hooray, the law protects cats and dogs, but what about  the cows, chickens and pigs? Hmmmmm sleep well people

Lots of love

Your Vegan Counterpart

Shaun Flores