Thursday, 3 March 2016


It’s us the infamous fried chicken eaters!

“But Shaun how are you vegan? I know you black people love fried chicken?” such a lazy mainstream commercial stereotype as if we only eat chicken. As if our palettes only know the taste of another animal died at the merciless hands of the oppressor. The meat and dairy trades indefinitely is another form of oppression, another form of slavery and even more so mirroring the holocaust.

Animal’s very life is unfortunately decided from the minute they are born, and the extermination date predestined. They act as if black people are unable to be vegan because we are beasts and animals. Some funny pictures attached only normalizing the every present and continuously growing stereotypes of our people further perpetuated in contemporary society.

Now upon becoming recently vegan, I have heard many silly comments such as: “without meat your going to grow a vagina”, well I understand that naïve and ignorant view as it is attached to evolutionary theory in regards to men. We were regarded at the hunters, the aggressive ones who provided the food. Masculinity attached to the concept of meat eating and even more so the hunting of the meat reclaiming our pride in the animal kingdom.

Yes being vegan is truly a discipline, a lifestyle choice, but truly it is an amazing lifestyle choice. Your mind becomes clearer, no more hormones in the food you eat! Well a lot less. How could I once say I don’t discriminate, but yet I chose to discriminate an animal to satisfy my palette? Discrimination within its very foundation regardless of context is an awful mentality to have and to then practice in real life.

Being vegan isn’t as expensive as people believe either, stop falling victim to the cultural conditioning they keep you in. What is normal about drinking another animal’s milk? Somebody please inform me! Did your mother breast feed the dog ? Ohh some of peoples most famous argument “ What about cats they drink cow’s millk?” NO THEY DON’T, actually human beings domesticate them, which has disrupted a large proportion of the world.

“But we eat meat look at the animal kingdom?” Ohhhh so do you do this as well?

Hahaha just being this so called self righteous pretentious person because I believe that animals deserve life, and they deserve a home, but yet they somehow end up on peoples plates?

Think on that
Part 2 soon coming

Lots of Love

Your Vegan Counterpart

Shaun Flores

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