Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A moment of craziness

Iago has lost the will to live as the plot is similar to Othello. Then my enemy is the one person that life is not expected to gift to me. If you are confused by these riddles you may get lost in translation as I look into this computer with eyes that see destiny as a transparent glass of water. Passion however is just as transitory as turning left and right. you look at the world from 2 eyes without a bird’s eyes view, but a portrait view of yourself.
Now you have to be like a professor in the linguistics of life as life is how you interpret it. This came from the brain that can’t be measured on an IQ scale, but the measure of the battles you take and absorb the hits like a sponge. The world is one place, one sphere shape, not a flat surface. We can’t walk all over the surface of life. Death is like a bubble that gets popped in the afterlife.

The only thing I have discovered in 18 years of my life is, when your born until the age when your body stops growing. When that stage happens your waiting to die which is just plain unfortunate. I suppose being pessimistic doesn’t help anything , but maybe facts are born in the mind, nurtured in society and believed by the gullible. Or you can look at it from another aspect that we live and should learn like we would live for ever .

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  1. Finally! A young man who is a part of the 'lost generation' but, with a creative mind, is open to all forms of inspiration, interpretation and, debate. Flores will be a journalist to watch out for. I do not think that he is controversial; in all honesty, Flores is an essential but, muffled element that the high powers’ of society have tried to disengage themselves from; realism and people who threatened the unjust powers of by telling it like it is.