Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Y.O.L.O You Only Live Once

Y.O.L.O= You Only Live Once Yes Y.O.L.O and we about it every day. Slang from the music industry.  Canadian rapper Drake invented this statement. But it seems it has changed the perception of many individuals How many of the 3 rd generation use it as an excuse? To abuse themselves or endanger others because living once means you take  life for granted, no matter the consequences or the long term effects? Really is this what life has come to?
Women. So Y.O.LO gives you the choice to be a whore sleeping with everyone around you? A wise man once told me if a girl can get on her two knees for you why should you get on one knee for her? So true, do you young girls expect to get married when you sleep with more men that a prostitute. You are low class prostitutes who get no financial reward for what you do. You’re not popular your vagina is.
There are good guys out there who actually will treat you right and stay by your side. Have a little more respect for yourself as how would you feel if your daughters acted like you? Shameful much to the upcoming 4th generation who are copying us. The future looks rather bleak than bright. I feel sorry for the walk in clinics that get the masses of women loaded with STI’s and STD’S. I am sure your mum brought you up with standards. You shouldn’t be a street rat that spreads her knees with no thought. Don’t allow a man to mess up your mind. Respect yourself because you’re better than that
Men. So that gives you the reason to go around being promiscuous with girls, having babies and running? Lies you are just afraid of having someone else to look after rather yourself? Man Up its times to face up the facts that you do wrong. Swallow your bitter pride a little and face adversity in the eye stare it down tills your eyes hurt. Like it’s acceptable to go around having sex with girls worming your way into their hearts and leave. It’s not. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.
Remember what you do to a girl effects her for the rest of her life. Don’t ruin it for the good guys out there who genuinely want to love a girl who she is. And guess what you can also be those good guys! Love rather than lust is always better. How would you honestly feel if someone did that to your female sibling? You would want to teach them a lesson physically that they would never forget right? So why do it to other peoples siblings like it’s acceptable. Then you are so easy to want to hurt another man for doing that to you female relative. Bit hypocrital much! Put your brain into action before your penis become erect.

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