Tuesday, 4 June 2013


What is the definition of being gifted? Is it really being a part of the elite Mensa group with the highest IQ? Getting the best grades in A levels or GCSE’s? Well not for me anyways. I define being gifted as having certain qualities as well as attributes about you that differentiate you from the others in society who are also trying to be unique.
Determination, confidence and resilience are just three of the qualities that make somebody gifted. You need determination to chase those dreams without losing your breath, to keep getting back up after you have been knocked down by life. God gives battles to his strongest soldiers who he knows can take it. Confidence is the second aspect of being gifted. You must be happy in what you do and believe in yourself otherwise other people won’t believe in you. We are our own critics and we determine what we absorb and decide to retain. Psychological we are weak why many of us have no confidence in what we undertake then we expect to succeed. We need to know what we are doing is to the best of our ability and that it is the way we can move forward with our lives. Resilience is the main component of success and being a strong soldier. Knowing you can take the knock downs that life gives you and be strong enough to keep fighting for what you believe in is the real definition of resilience.
There is more to being gifted than actually being a smart individual who can get straight A’s or A*’s. It involves initiative, ingenuity and creativity. I believe we are all gifted in our own little ways that separate us from the other 7 billion humans on this planet we call Earth. Believe your gifted and don’t make others doubt your innate potential.